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Echinacea, affectionately called Coneflowers, are wonderful hardy native plants that now come in a rainbow of colors. It was not too long ago that this popular perennial was available in just purple or white. We have searched far and wide to put together a nice palette of color choices for you. If you have some sun in your garden we bet you can find one or two of these beauties that will get your attention.

Coneflowers grow best in full sun but will tolerate part sun. Once established they are quite drought tolerant & deer-resistant. Most varieties are sweet smelling, attracting butterflies and pleasing gardeners. The flowers make great additions to flower bouquets, both fresh & dried.

Our echinacea are shipped potted and growing, June 1 - October 31, unless otherwise noted.

"The whole kit and caboodle arrived yesterday. All the coneflowers are great"
Elaine. - Hampshire, IL

Fall 2018 Plant Conditions:
Due to a recent frost most plants are shipped partially to fully trimmed.
(but Heuchera still look really good!)
All plants are going dormant.
Shipping daily ~ fall is planting time!

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