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[Starter TC]



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SIZE: This is a tender starter plant; stage-4 TC [tissue culture liner from deep 809 tray; slightly larger than a 35mm elle]. We have consulted with the 2 biggest heuchera breeders in the world to develop a successful growing recipe. We share that information with you below. We do not recommend this size plant for beginners or those who can not maintain the following growing conditions:

• Temperature: 65 daytime; 55 night. [F]

• Bright, indirect, full spectrum light @ 12 hrs.

• Sterile, soiless potting mix with wetting agent and starter charged micro-nutrients.
[40% Pumice (or large grain Perlite), 30% Bark and 30% Peat]
• Maintain PH level: 5.8 - 6.2

• Planting depth is crutial, do not bury crowns!

• Fertilizer: 100-150ppm N constant feed, allow soil to slightly dry between waterings.

• Proper air movement is vital at all times.

• The primary disease to watch for is Rhizoctonia crown rot. Botrytis is another disease that could become problematic. Botrytis, like Rhizoctonia, often occurs with an overwintering process but is also likely to occur under dense plant canopies. Other observed diseases include Pythium, Phytopthora, powdery mildew, rust and leaf spots. With good watering practices and adequate air circulation, the occurrence of most diseases can almost be negated. A systemic fungicide is recommended at time of planting and again at 4 weeks.

Plants are shipped unpotted with soiless mix in tact. Each plant comes with one tag. Most varieties are protected by a plant patent, reproduction is prohibited.

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