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fern Sensitive

fern Sensitive<BR>
Item# N3FNS1


Full sun to full shade. [12-36" tall]. USDA Hardiness Zones 2-10.


Onoclea sensibilis 'Sensitive'. Perhaps the most mis-named fern in the world! This hardy plant is anything but sensitive. It tolerates full sun and is a vigorous grower. It grows in all USDA zones in the continental USA. Its favorite environment is the wet areas - ditches, bogs, marshes, etc. A great ground cover for wet areas that may be too difficult to landscape otherwise.

Kindly note: disease-free vegetatively produced ferns usually take a few years to display their full splendor. Our 2-3 year old plants look really great but will need another season or two to show their complete uniqueness, size, texture and color.

PLANT SIZE:  Classic 3" Pot

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