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SUN PERENNIALS (asst.)... gone but not forgotten

SUN PERENNIALS (asst.)... gone but not forgotten

Plants listed here are not available this season, but may return in the future. We are maintaining the specifics of each plant for informational reference.

achillea Yarrow Moonshineagave Cornelius [18"]agave ovatifolia
agave Zebra [48"]ajuga Toffee Chipbergenia Luna Glow
campanula Pearl Deep Bluecentaurea Bachelor's ButtonChamomile
campanula Delft Teacups [8"]campanula Pearl Deep Blue [8"]coreposis Early Sunrise
coreopsis Enchanted Eve [12"]coreopsis Jethro Tullcoreopsis Presto
coreopsis Red Elf [10"]coreopsis Rising Suncrocosmia Lucifer
delphinium Aurora Deep Purpledelphinium Blushing Bridesdelphinium Million $ Blue [36"]
Delphinium Million $ Skydelphinium Million $ Blush [36"]delphinium Purple Passion
dianthus Apple Slice [10"]dianthus Coconut Punch [12"]dianthus Coral Reef [12"]
Paint The Town Fuchsia [8"]eryngium Jade Frostfragaria Lipstick
gaillardia Amber Wheels [32"]gaillardia Fanfare [24"]gaillardia Fanfare Blaze [16"]
gaillardia Gayla Red Spark [12"]gaillardia Goblin  [12"]gaillardia Oranges & Lemons
gaillardia Red Sun [14"]geranium Rozannegeranium Starman
hollyhock Antwerphollyhock Majorette Scarlet [36"]hydrangea Quick Fire [1 qt]
Iris Before the Storm [37"]iris Butter and Sugar [28"]iris Caesar's Brother
iris Concord Crush [28"]iris Contrast in Styles [34"]iris Golden Edge [30"]
iris Harvest of Memories iris Hubbard [36"]iris siberica Pink Haze [36"]
iris Strawberry Fair [29"]Iris Tumble Bugiris White Swirl [30"]
lavender Provencelewisia Little Peachliatris Floristan White
lilac Tinkerbelle [72"]lobelia FAN SCARLET [23"]lychnis Molten Lava
malva Zebrinamonarda Blue Moon [20"]Leading Lady Orchid [14"]
monarda Leading Lady Plummonarda Pardon My Pink [10"]monarda Rockin' Raspberry [20"]
pardancanda Sangriapeony tree Kamatanishikipeony tree Kinkaku
peony Primevere [28"]platycodon Mariesii [24"]platycodon Sentimental Blue [8"]
poppy Allegropotentilla Etna [15"]rhubarb Victoria
rose Dynamite Bam [24-36"]rose Knockout [36"]rose Knockout Blushing [36"]
rose Knockout Doublerose Knockout Rainbowrose Knockout Sunny [36"]
rose Knockout TRIOrose Knockout COLLECTION - one of each = 7 plants!russian sage Little Spire
salvia Caradonna [30"]salvia East Friesland [18"]salvia Marcus
salvia Purple Volcano [10"]salvia Sensation Rosesalvia Violet Riot [24"]
scabiosa Butterfly Blueshasta daisy Bridal Bouquetmum Clara Curtis [15"]
shasta daisy Crazy Daisy [28"]shasta daisy Gold Rush [14"]shasta Ice Cream Dream [12"]
shasta daisy Paladin [16"]shasta daisy Prieure [24"]shasta daisy Real Glory [26"]
shasta daisy Silver Princess [12"]shasta daisy Silver Spoons [48"]shasta daisy Sonnenschein [36"]
shasta daisy White Knightbush Snow Day Surprisestokesia Honeysong Purple
veronica Foxy Ladyveronica Wizard of Ahhs [16"]viola Halo Violet [10"]
yucca Bright Edge [24"]yucca Ivory Towersyucca Nana [12"]
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Kindly note: The launch of our summer products, Hardy Hibiscus and Echinacea, has been delayed until early June, sooner if possible. Thanks for your kind patience!

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