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CONEFLOWERS... gone but not forgotten

CONEFLOWERS... gone but not forgotten

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN... Plants listed here are not available this season, but may return in the future. We are maintaining the specifics of each plant as a courtesy to customers who purchased it in the past.

coneflower SURPRISE SPECIAL!coneflower After Midnight [12"]coneflower All That Jazz [36"]
coneflower Aloha [32"]coneflower Amazing Dream [ 24"]Baby Swan Deep Pink [20"]
coneflower Baby White Swan [20"]coneflower Big Kahuna [27"]Burgundy Fireworks [20"]
coneflower Caribbean Green [24"]coneflower Chiquita [14"]Cinnamon Cupcake [24"]
coneflower Coconut Lime [30"]Colorburst Orange [28"]coneflower Coral Reef [36"]
Cranberry Cupcake [22"]coneflower Daydream [26"]Dixie Belle [24"]
coneflower Dixie Blaze [25"]coneflower Dixie Scarlet [24"]coneflower Dixie Sun [24"]
Double Scoop Adobe Orange[24"]Double Scoop Bubble Gum [26"]Double Scoop Mandarin [22]
Double Scoop Orangeberry [26"]Double Scoop Raspberry [30"]coneflower Elton Knight [24"]
coneflower Evening Glow [24"]coneflower Fancy Frills [30"]coneflower Fragrant Angel [30"]
coneflower Fatal Attraction [26"]coneflower Ferris Wheel [24"]coneflower Flame Thrower [40"]
coneflower Glowing Dream [24"]coneflower Green Envy [30"]coneflower Greenline [24"]
coneflower Guava Ice [30"]coneflower Gum Drop [33"]coneflower Harvest Moon [30"]
coneflower Hope [30"]coneflower Hot Lava [40"]coneflower Hot Papaya [36"]
coneflower Hot Summer [32"]coneflower Irresistable [32"]coneflower Julia [18"]
coneflower Kim's Knee High [24"]coneflower Leilani [40"]coneflower Lilliput [16"]
coneflower Little Annie [12"]coneflower Mac 'n' Cheese [26"]coneflower Mama Mia [26"]
coneflower Marmalade [30"]coneflower Maui Sunshine [33"]Meringue [18"]
coneflower Meteor Pink [24"]coneflower Meteor Red [22"]coneflower Meteor Yellow [24"]
coneflower Milk Shake [30"]coneflower Now Cheesier [33"]coneflower Paradoxa [24-36"]
coneflower Passion Flute [36"]coneflower Phoenix [24"]Pica Bella [24"]
coneflower Piccolino [12"]Pink Double Delight [24"]coneflower Pink Poodle [32"]
coneflower Prairie Splendor [24"]coneflower Purple Emperor [18"]coneflower Quills and Thrills [36"]
coneflower Raspberry Tart [24"]Raspberry Truffle [32"]coneflower Red Knee High [24"]
coneflower Rocky Top [30"]echinacea Rosita [14"]coneflower Ruby Giant [36"]
coneflower Ruby Star [36"]coneflower Satin Nights [15"]coneflower Secret Affair [22"]
coneflower Secret Desire [26"]echinacea Secret Glow [23"]coneflower Secret Joy [28"]
coneflower Secret Love [28"]coneflower Secret Lust [31"]coneflower Secret Passion [27"]
coneflower Secret Pride [28"]coneflower Secret Romance [29"]coneflower Sensation Pink [18"]
Strawberry Shortcake [32"]coneflower Solar Flare [36"]Sombrero Lemon Yellow [26"]
Sombrero Mandarin[26"]coneflower Southern Belle [36"]coneflower Summer Sky [36"]
coneflower Summer Salsa [34"]coneflower Sunbird [22"]coneflower Sundown [36"]
coneflower Sunrise [36"]coneflower Sunset [24-30"]Supreme Elegance [34"]
Supreme Flamingo [30"]coneflower 'Sweet Chili' [28"]Tangerine Dream [23"]
coneflower Twilight [30"]coneflower Vanilla Cupcake [22"]coneflower Virgin [24"]
coneflower White Swan [36"]coneflower White Fascinator [18"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^Yellow Rainbow Marcella [18"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
coneflower Butterfly Kisses [18"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^coneflower Firebird [25"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^coneflower Cherry Fluff [20"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
Double Scoop Cranberry [30"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^coneflower Lemon Drop [18"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^Playful Meadow Mama [24"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
coneflower Cleopatra [18"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^Fine Feathered Parrot [24"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^

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