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HEUCHERA... gone but not forgotten

HEUCHERA... gone but not forgotten

Plants listed here are not available this season, but may return in the future. We are maintaining this information as a courtesy to our customers who have purchased these in the past.

heuchera Apple Crisp [6"]heuchera Beauty of Colorheuchera Bella Notte [9"] v
heuchera Blushing Dawn [12"]heuchera Brownies [16"] vheuchera Cafe Ole
heuchera Cappuccino [12"]heuchera Caramel Apple √Carnival Limeade [12"] v
heuchera Chocolate Rufflesheuchera Christa [10"] vheuchera Coco [6"]
heuchera Color Dreamheuchera Creole Nights [11"] vheuchera Crimson Curls [15"]
heuchera Dark Chocolate ♦ 12"heuchera Ebony & Ivory ♦ 10"heuchera Fireworks ♦ 9"
heuchera Gauguin [12"]heuchera Gypsy Dancerheuchera Harvest Silver
heuchera Hercules [15"]heuchera Kira Alpine Forest [10"]Kira Autumn Leaves [8"] v
heuchera Kira Jungle Green [8"]heuchera Lipstick [9"]heuchera Malachite [16"]
heuchera Mars [12"]heuchera Midnight Claret [12"]heuchera Milky Way [12"]
heuchera Mint Julip [9"]heuchera Miracle [10"] vheuchera Mystic Angel
heuchera Orange Blushheuchera Peachy Keenheuchera Pewter Moon [12"]
heuchera Pinot Bianco [10"] vheuchera Pinot Gris [10"] vheuchera Prince [12"]
heuchera Prince of Orangeheuchera Raspberry Regal [12"]heuchera Red Expo [12"]
heuchera Ring of Fire ♦ 18"heuchera San Gabrielheuchera Santa Rosa
heuchera Silver Blushheuchera Stormy Seas [16"]heuchera Velvet Night
heuchera Vienna [7"] vAlabama Sunrise [12"] vheucherella Berry Fizz [6"]
heucherella Blue Ridge [8"]heucherella Gunsmoke [12"] vheucherella Persian Carpet
heucherella Stoplight [6"] heucherella Thunderbird [9"] √tiarella Black Snowflake
tiarella Mystic Mist [5"]tiarella Neon Lights [8"]Carnival Coffee Bean [12"] v<BR>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Ginger Peach [10"]<BR>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Ginger Ale [8"]<BR>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Dark Secret [10"]<BR>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Bon Bon [15"] v<BR>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Cherry Sorbet [10"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Ruffles 'n Truffles [12"]<BR>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Picasso [12"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
Harvest Lemon Chiffon [10"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Fandango [7"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Kassandra [12"]<br>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Lime Marmalade [10"]<BR>^^^ SOLD OUT ^^^
heuchera Midnight Ruffles [13"] vheuchera Neptune [12"]Sparkling Burgundy [12"]
heuchera Lime Ruffles [11"] vheuchera Van Gogh [12"]
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